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Welkom op de website van de Raco2000. De Raco2000 is een club met 2 RC circuits, een voor offroad en een voor onroad auto’s. Voor meer informatie klik op een van de menu’s. 

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Brushless Buggy Winter Masters 2022/2023

Laatste wedstrijd 19-03-2023


Inschrijven kan hier

Reeds ingeschreven

Hallo allemaal,

Zondag 19 maart aanstaande is het alweer de laatste race van dit winterseizoen van de Brushless Buggy Winter Masters 2022/2023

We hebben tot nu toe mooie en vooral hele gezellige races gehad en zijn nu aanbeland bij de finale op Raco2000 in Utrecht!

Denk er om dat je een myrcm account moet hebben om je in te schrijven. Betalen kan online (heeft de voorkeur) maar eventueel ook zondags contant op de baan bij het aanmelden.

De inschrijfkosten blijven dan gewoon € 17,50

Aan het eind van deze race zullen we de diverse winnaars van de cup nog even in het zonnetje zetten alsmede het uitreiken van de tombola. Om hiervoor te kwalificeren moet je minimaal 3 wedstrijden hebben meegereden in de cup. De hoofdprijs van de tombola zal een spiksplinternieuwe Kyosho MP10e zijn en voor alle deelnemers aan de tombola zal er prijs zijn.

Uiteraard zal er op Raco2000 een natje en een droogje te halen zijn.

Hierover informeren wij jullie later meer.

Tot de 19e!

Nieuwe Layout Mini-Z baan

We hebben bij raco2000 een nieuwe baan neer gelegd. Clubleden en niet clubleden zijn vrijdag 03 Februari van harte welkom vanaf 17:00 uur voor vrij rijden en trainen.

Zolang het gezellig is blijven we open.

Het adres is Floridadreef 17

3565 AM Utrecht

EC 1/10 ELEC.OFF ROAD 2023




 2023 – EFRA 1/10th Off-Road Electric, 

EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS. July 17th. – July 22nd.Utrecht, Netherlands www.raco2000.nl

Stage 1 Report. EFRA International Race (Warm-Up) – May 12th. – 14th

PDF Stage 1 Report can be downloaded from here

RACO2000 Info@raco2000.nl 

Floridadreef 17 

3565 AM 


The Netherlands 

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1.INTRODUCTION: The Raco2000 RC track is one of the oldest on-road RC tracks in the Netherlands dating back to the early 70’s. The Raco2000 was the first track to be recognized by the NOMAC. The track has a perfect geographical location within the center of the Netherlands. In the past we organized several big national and international events at our track. So we have all the knowhow in‐house to execute this EC in a professional manner The layout of the track is highly recognized by drivers all over Europe as one of the most beautiful and demanding tracks around. In 2020/21 the astroturf was renewed to high standards. The centre off Utrecht is (±10 min) and the nearest cities are Amsterdam (±30 min) and Hilversum (±20min). Movie track RACO2000: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRny8eHh8yI


2. Location


Complex Owner: Rob Bruinsma Club Chairman: Raymond Houtman Club Secretary: Rumi Quadir 

The international dialing code for the NL is: +31. 

Further details for getting to the venue by car, train and plane are given in the ‘’Travel’ section

Location of RACO2000 — Marked

2WD & 4WD Rear Tyre — Schumacher Mezzo – Yellow compound 2WD & 4WD Rear Insert — Will be tested 

4WD Front Tyre — 4WD Front Insert — Schumacher Mezzo / – Yellow compound / Wide Staggered Rib Will be tested 

4. EMERGENCIES: Registered first-aid persons will be onsite and first aid kits are available in race control. There is an accident and emergency hospital 9km away. St. Antonius Ziekenhuis Utrecht, Soestwetering 1, 3543 AZ Utrecht 0031-883203000 Sand buckets, fire extinguishers, fireproof gloves are at all building entrances.

5. TYRES: The Controlled Tyre for the 2023 EC will be: Schumacher Mezzo (Yellow) on behind driven axles. There will be some test with the 4WD Front Wide Staggered Ribs / Mezzo on the RACO2000 track The Controlled Tyre Insert will be tested also. Tyres and Inserts for all: Controlled Practice, Qualifying and Finals have to be purchased at the event. These will be available at the Track Control Tyres & Inserts :- 

Any commercially available Tyre can be used on 2WD Front. Recommended 2WD Front Tyres are: Schumacher Low profile Cut Stagger – # U6770. Schumacher Low Profile Non-Cut Stagger – # U6592. (Supplies of these 2WD tyres will be available at the event, to cover the majority of competitors).

6. The TRACK De OFF-Road Track from the RACO200 is renewed in 2020/2021. Before 2020 the track was for 1/6 OFF-Road Large-Scale and to easy for the 1/8 OFF-Road class. Now the track is built only for 1/8 and 1/10 suitable Off-Road cars. The biggest part off the track is Astroturf and some places are foresee with stones and rubber plates. Also we have in Holland the highest wall-ride off all RC-clubs. There are two, three and four bumps on the track to jump them in 1 off 2 times. Also an clipping field is on the track. On this moment the track has an length off 300-325 meters and will be some shorter after the warm-up (mei 2023) and for the E.C. race in July 2023 The track is very interested for the driver to find the right adjustment on his RC-car to drive rapid laps. The rostrum is for max 12 drivers but most off the time we drive with 10 pilots on the rostrum. 

6.1. RAIN CONTINGENCY: The low areas of the track have inbuilt sumps and drainage channels. These can be pumped-out with 3 pumps in a matter of minutes. The track as a general rule dries quickly. 7. ROSTRUM: The rostrum is 8.7m wide, 2.4m front to back, 2.6m high at foot height. 



Paddock has 230VAC~. For your convenience bring your power extension cords. Please note the correct type of plug =>

Change the voltage range (220~230V) on your electric equipment before connecting it.

9. RACE CONTROL: A permanent Race Control is situated to the right of the rostrum with dedicated power, speaker points, windows, network and coaxial connections for the timing loop. We use MyRCM for registration and live timing during our events. (The first system produce a record of all the individual lap times of all cars and the number of laps and final times after finishing.) (The second system will be used as a back up system and must produce a record of all individual lap times and the number of laps and final times after finishing.) The timing loop is positioned in front off race control. The timing system is backed up by a professional UPS power backup.

10. SCRUTINEERING (Technical inspection): There will be a dedicated, area with tables and chairs adjacent to the track for Technical inspection.

11. TRANSMITTER COMPOUND: Whilst not used in recent years, a transmitter compound will be provided if required.

12. MARSHALLING: Marshalling will be done by the drivers off the E.C. Race, it is necessary to use the yellow safety vest which are provided by RACO

13. NETWORK ACCESS: There will be no network access because we need these for live-timing and media. In Holland we have an very good mobile phone network with 4 and 5g so you can follow everything by using mobile phone.

14.MEDIA:An undercover media centre marquee with tables, chairs and power will be available. An elevated steel platform adjacent to the rostrum for filming, (and potentially additional referees) will also be provided. Network cables can be run throughout the site wherever they are required.

15.PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM:A high quality Peavey public address system is used with a lot off speakers. Speaker locations are around the track for: spectators, marshals, on the rostrum, in the pitting marquee and in central locations for the car park and camping/caravanning area. Several Sennheiser radio microphones will be used.

16.TRAVEL:RACO2000 track is very accessible and easy to find with excellent communication routes. The site address is: 


RACO2000 Floridadreef 17 3565 AM Utrecht The Netherlands

16.1. AIR TRAVEL: 

Schiphol Airport is 45km (30 minutes) from the race track. It operates numerous International flights including transatlantic. It has all the usual facilities of a big sized International airport – car hire, taxis, rail links, nearby hotels. The airport website gives full details: https://www.schiphol.nl/en/ Local airports within one hours drive include: Rotterdam Airport is 70km (45 minutes) Eindhoven Airport is 95 km (60 minutes) 

TRAVEL BY ROAD The venue postcode (zip) is: 3565 AM The venue entrance is easy to reach from the highways: A2, A12 and A27

17. CAR HIRE: 

Car hire is available at:- Schiphol Airport: Europcar Schiphol Airport Sixt car rent Amsterdam Schiphol Avis Budget car rent Amsterdam Hertz Schiphol Airport parking 

16.2. RAIL LINKS: Rail links from Schiphol to the center off Utrecht is very easy. From the center Utrecht it is 6,6 km (15 minutes). 


Hotels in the area 

Hotel Mitland**** Arienslaan 1 

3573 PT Utrecht www.mitland.nl 

Carlton Presidenthotel Floraweg 25 

3542DX Utrecht www.carlton.nl/president-hotel-utrecht 

Hotel Breukelen Stationsweg 91 3621LK Breukelen 


Holiday Inn Express Van Deventerlaan 10 

3528 AE Utrecht https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/nl/nl/utrecht/amsut/hoteldetail 

Hotel De Bilt – Utrecht De Holle Bilt 1 3732 HM De Bilt https://www.biltschehoek.com 

Campsites in the area 

Camping Dijnselburg Zeist Badmeester Schenkpad 1 3705GK Zeist www.dijnselburg.com 

RCN Vakantiepark het Grote Bos Camping en bungalowpark Hydeparklaan 24 3941 ZK Doorn https://www.rcn.nl/nl/vakantieparken/nederland/utrecht/rcn-het-grote-bos 

Vakantiepark De Krakeling Woudenbergseweg 17 3707 HW Zeist Tel: +31 (0)30 – 691 53 74 https://www.dekrakeling.nl/


• Camping on track site is also possible, but limited. (For making reservering campingplace at least 6 weeks before the E.C.) • There will be several Hygienic solutions available (showers, toilets etc.) • Please contact us if you would like to have more info on this via email: Info@raco2000.nl 

20. CATERING: Catering will be provided on-site – The ‘RACO2000 Pit-Stop Café offers a wide selection of hot and cold food and snacks. This is run by local people, offering good quality meals. (On the track there is the rule that you may not bring your own food and drinks.) 21. IMMEDIATE LOCAL AMENITIES, (within 1-10 minutes drive of the track) 

Fuel station – Cash machine – Supermarket – Shopping Centre Overvecht – 

1,5 KM 

4,2 KM 

0,9 KM 

4,2 KM 


The NOMAC are the National Body with responsibility for hosting the 2023 1/10th. Off-Road European Championship. The event will be organised in compliance with EFRA 2023 Rules, 

The NOMAC Officials and The RACO2000 Crew: 27-12-2022


july 17 (Monday) – 22 (Saturday)


Nieuws 2023

Wedstrijdkalender 2023 RACO2000

Volgende wedstrijd:


19-03-2023 Buggy Winter Master

28-03-2023 10e wedstrijd Mini-Z

15-04-2023 Nomac NK BC08/BC10

16-04-2023 Nomac NK BC08/BC10

23-04-2023 BuggyCup Wedstrijd 1 RACO2000

12-05-2023 Warm Up Race 1/10 2wd & 4wd

13-05-2023 Warm Up Race 1/10 2wd & 4wd

14-05-2023 Warm Up Race 1/10 2wd & 4wd

17-07-2023 EC 1/10 2wd & 4wd

18-07-2023 EC 1/10 2wd & 4wd

19-07-2023 EC 1/10 2wd & 4wd

20-07-2023 EC 1/10 2wd & 4wd

21-07-2023 EC 1/10 2wd & 4wd

22-07-2023 EC 1/10 2wd & 4wd

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